Composition, arrangements and music recording for film, advertising and videogames


Film, TV and advertising music



Composition for different styles.


Songs, orchestration and instrumentation arrangements, as well as consulting.


Harmony, composition, guitar performance and computer resources.


Composer and guitarist.


2020 Author of the study materials of the "Music Industry Operators" course for the online Business Management of the Music Industry Master's degree.

2020 Original Soundtrack for "Atrapasueños", a short film by director Jorge Guerrero.

2019 Teacher in Guitar Performance and Musical Production in Sonata International Music School.

2018 Music Composition for the TAI Chamber Ensemble and different short films as "Hermanas" directed by María López and "Pandemonium" directed by Alejandra Araus.

2017 Music Composition for different classical art works for Malvado SoundLab Company.

2014 - 2015 Lead Guitarist and composer in Hot Deals Band.

2014 - Music Composition for RMC Co. advertising.

2007 - 2014 Lead Guitarist and principal composer in The Monkey Company Band (Now named "Indiana Lane")


2014 – 2018. BA in Contemporary Music Composition. TAI University School of Arts, Madrid.

2014 -RSL Awards Rockschool Grade 8 in Guitar Performance. 85/100 Merit. 21st Century Music, Madrid.

2012 - 2013 -Professional Guitarist Certificate. 21st Century Music, Madrid.

2010 - 2012 -2 years in Music Theory, Piano, Jazz Guitar and Harmony. Escuela de Música Creativa, Madrid.

2007 – 2009 - Superior Grade in Electronics. I.E.S La Paloma, Madrid.


2012 - Composition for film and TV/21hs. Escuela de Música Creativa, Madrid.

2011 - The piano and harmony for any player /15hs. Escuela de Música Creativa, Madrid.

2007-2010 - Electric Guitar Performance, ear training and harmony. 21st Century Music, Madrid.

2002-2006 - Classical Guitar. Elementary Grade. Escuela Santa Cecilia, Madrid.